Vrogum Wood Windows & Doors available from Tony O'Shea, Carpenter & Joiner, Cork.

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Vrogum Solid Wood Windows and Doors

Vrogum-Svarre is a Danish Joiner Shop that manufactures superior quality external joinery. Tony O'Shea is the official distributor of the products. The company specializes in supplying quality Vrogum timber windows and doors in Premium grade Scandinavian Pine and the new Svarre timber inside, glass outside award winning units. PLEASE CLICK ON FACEBOOK PANEL TO THE RIGHT TO SEE SAMPLE CONTRACTS. All Joinery is designed and manufactured specifically for your project with a wide range of possibilities.

 Bring Style and Quality to Your Home

Your Windows and Doors are an integral part of your home expressing something of who you are and your aspirations. Timeless Wooden Joinery gives pleasure from every perspective, both inside and out. Its ability to be redecorated gives opportunity to re-enliven your home with a simple change to the latest colour in fashion.


Triple Glazed Passive House Grade

The Triple Glazed Argon/Krypton Gas filled, Air Tight windows allow you to save on your heating bill, the environment, provide you with a comfortable and healthy living environment and use less energy. These windows are the best insulated and toughest windows on the market. Energy windows absorb solar radiant heat and reemit this heat internally, providing a natural heating source.giving an extremely high insulated window.

 Announcing the 100% Maintainance Free Triple Glazed High Security SVARRE windows and doors

See www.vrogum.dk/page1538.aspx or contact us for details.

Tony O'Shea has been in business for over 30 years and personally delivers a one stop service taking care of design, measuring, ordering, delivery and fitting.

The comprehensive 5 Year Warranty ensures customer security

For information on the range of Vrogum Joinery please visit www.Vrogum.dk where you can download brochures and technical detail of our products.

NEWS ITEM> NEW FOR 2014!! Generous Tax incentives for residents of Cork Dublin Kilkenny and Galway Limerick and Waterford to upgrade your home 100% tax relief on window/door replacement.
13.5% relief on windows/doors fitted countrywide under HRI scheme.Pleasee contact me or revenue.ie for details

Please post or email your drawings for quotation or call or contact us with your queries.

Save on your heating bill & save the environment with Vrogum Wood Window and Doors - Tony O'Shea, Carpenter & Joiner, Cork.New Svarre Triple glazedEnergy windows absorb solar radiant heat & re-emit this heat internally, providing a natural & cheaper heating source - Tony O'Shea, Carpenter & Joiner, Cork.Extremely high window insulation values - Tony O'Shea, Carpenter & Joiner, Cork.

Excellent Uvalues | High Quality paint system | Wind & Water Tight | Low Maintenance Exterior | Burglary Safe

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